Saturday, November 3, 2012

Singing Christmas Tree

The holidays are fast approaching and for our family the Singing Christmas Tree at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN is pretty much a tradition.  The production is AMAZING!  I really don't know how Broadway could top it.

We received our brochures in the mail yesterday and the story line this year is about an orphanage and is set in 1912 in New York.  I cry every year already so the thought of orphaned children is a sure sign to stash the kleenex in my purse.

The nativity scene gets me every time.  They go to great lengths to make it as realistic as possible.
It's absolutely breath taking and for me, it sets the tone of the season.
I look forward to it every year.
I have to say..the angels flying over the audience is one of my favorite parts. I guess it's the kid in me.
Don't miss it..go to their website and purchase your'll be glad you did.
Mine are already on their way!
(All photos above were taken by Bellevue Baptist Church)

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