Monday, April 29, 2013

Camping Premiere

We camped this weekend.  We've had this trip planned for months.  It was our season debut.  The camping premiere.  All week we watched the weather forecast and every day the chances for rain increased.  Most people would cancel at 70% chance of rain.  Not us.  We loaded up and headed for the beautiful Village Creek State Park in our home state of Arkansas. It's about an hour and a half from our house and we left Thursday night.  3 day weekend..yeah!  It did rain.  But we had the best time in spite of that. There were 28 of us and we hiked, fished, swam in freezing cold water and we ate.............. ALOT. 

We take camping very serious.  My son says we have all the camping equipment from any aisle in any sports department.  I'm sure there is something we are missing that I could find though :)

I have a confession to make.  I have a 50 gallon tote that holds decorative pillows, quilts, pretty sheets and wool blankets. 
AND THAT'S ALL IT HOLDS......................................................................................


Of course you have to have a chalkboard at camp. And cards.  Because that's what we do late at night.  Play cards. And sit around the campfire and make new memories.
With old friends..............and family. To be honest it's hard to tell who is who.  Friends blend into family and family can make the best of friends.

 We blend into a beautiful tapestry of diverse personalities.  And the new members of our crazy clan bring there own special talents.
Take this guy for example...Can you say COOK?  Anthony was the camp chef and he has mad skills at the griddle AND grill.  He was amazing!!!!!
Have you ever noticed that camp food is some of the most amazing meals you have ever consumed?
We had steak, foil packs, homemade ice cream, huge breakfasts, dutch oven  peach cobbler, beans, coffee, hot chocolate, camp potatoes and the occasional sandwich.... but for the most part, Anthony kept the grill and griddle hot.  (Much to our delight!!!)
We have some beautiful parks here in Arkansas. Everything was a beautiful dewy shade of green this weekend as we hiked the trails.

 God is the ultimate artist is he not?

 Being in his creation and sharing it with the special people in your life is a wonderful blessing.
Even in the rain.

Because even when you're wet you can cozy up to the camp fire.

and make smores.

Or just play in the fire..............

My son is 20 years old now.  We have many memories of camping and he has a great love for the outdoors. To quote his four year old self on our first camping trip to this very park.....

"Mom, this is the greatest day of my life."

 It's been some of the greatest days of mine too.

  Because moments like this are priceless ;)))))))))

(That's my husband and one of my best friends btw)


We are home now and the camping equipment is set up all over our yard to dry out, 10 loads of wet laundry are still being washed, the camper is being replenished and we are exhausted and full.  BUT...Memorial Day is right around the corner and me and the loyal camp dog Ginger are counting down the days to our next trip.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Saturdays

Seven Acres Flea Market
Such a beautiful day here in the south although the wind is kinda high.  Mowers are busy, yard sales are plenty, spring is finally starting to show up around here.  I slept in a little late this morning and then drug myself out of bed and hit some of my favorite local spots.  Seven Acres Flea Market had plenty of rusty treasures to choose from but I didn't go home with anything. 

My husband called to meet me for lunch once he got in from work and we hit this dive.  Believe me when I say this place is a local favorite.  They make the best BLT in town!  If you didn't know about it and you were new to town, you'd probably just drive on by.  But if you stop and they slide the window and take your name and your'll be glad you did.

            I had a late breakfast so I just ordered the onion rings and saved the BLT for another time.

Ken, however, landed this HUGE burger.  Delicious! They EVEN toast the bun!!!
Later we went to Amazing Things.  It's a flea market owned by a sweet couple (Greg and Patricia) here in Paragould.  I love this place.  Any time you visit there is gospel music playing softly in the background.  Not open on Sundays or Mondays but open until 6:00 through the week.
These plaid thermos' have been catching my eye lately.  I scored one for $3 a couple of weeks ago.  By the way, while I was taking this photo I backed into a small picture on an easel and broke it!  Cost me $5.  My husband later pointed out a sign that said "I break I buy, you break you cry."  Of course I had already paid for the one I broke and he was just rubbing it in with a smirky smile. 
Beautiful display of blue crockery.  I have a thing for cobalt blue anything!
These old bottles are fabulous.  I have my own collections sitting in the shed, waiting to be cleaned up....sigh.
Beautiful would be great in a shabby chic designed home.  Love the nail head detail.
I can also envision it in a modern print upholstery as well...bold geometric shapes that would modernize it a bit.
This chalkboard is SWEET. As a matter of fact this whole booth is usually a wonderful mixture of unique vintage finds.
The only thing I went home with today were these linens.  2 quilted pillow shams and a vintage tablecloth.  I bought them at a yard sale 1 block behind my street.  $4 bucks total.  Big spender.  I ADORE them and I think they are going in my camper. Where everything goes lately.................................................
Now this is what we are doing...........
Have a great weekend everyone!
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