Tuesday, December 4, 2012

For the Love of the South

I love the south..have I mentioned that before?  It has a beauty reserved only for those who truly get the southern lifestyle.  Dirt roads, sweet tea, yes mam, no sir, porches, hot temperatures, fried chicken, gravy, farm land, and specifically.. y'all.  There are so many things about the south that I love... but the people, the hospitality and the love for our southern landscape is what makes me most proud to live here in this beautiful portion of the world.  I live in Arkansas but every now and then we escape for the weekend to one of our sister states.  One of my favorite places is Middle Tennessee.  Franklin to be exact.  It's a few hours drive for us but so worth the trip.  It's very close to Nashville but I'll forgo Nashville for this particular paradise.  This is Carnton Plantation.  A civil war home that was used as a field hopital during the Battle of Franklin, which is thought to be one of the bloodiest 5 hours of the Civil War.

What captured my heart was how John and Carrie McGavock, the owners of this plantation at the time, designated two acres of their land to bury 1500 confederate soldiers that died during the Battle of Franklin.  They maintained the cemetery themselves until the times of their death. I'd say that's a fine example of true southern hospitality...even for the fallen.  
As we toured this home, I was deeply moved by Carrie's story and her tireless efforts to maintain a record of the soldiers buried on her property.  Many of these men, both Union and Confederate, left and went to war and never came home.  Their families never knowing where their final resting place was.
The history of this home and the McGavock family is so much more complex than I can share in one post.  But being here will leave an impression.  As you tour the home and see the blood stained floors, hear of how the family's linens were torn and used to dress the wounded and walk through the cemetery where the brave men of my southern heritage are laid to rest, something inside of you shifts and you can't help but leave changed.
  Carnton and its cast of characters have been forever engraved on this southern girl's conscious.  Specifically as I strolled thorugh the cemetery and ended up here.
104 men gave their lives from my home state.  They rest here in Tennessee, not too far away from home...but still..they never made it home. 
 My beloved Arkansas, you gave birth to many brave hearts and in true southern style our neighbors stepped in when we needed them to care for our own.  Carrie McGavock, you were a true southern lady..and your legacy lives on.
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