Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day in Mountain View, AR

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Mountain View, AR with some friends. This is one of our favorite "go to spots."  It's the perfect place to relax and if you want some action, there is plenty to do.  What I love about Mountain View is the preservation of the arts.  This weekend we crashed a wood working class.
These fine gentleman from Mountain Home, AR were here learning how to use a lathe to make bowls.  They gave me permission to snap some photos of the transition from a raw piece of wood to a work of art.

It goes from something like this...............

to something like this..................

 The beautiful veining in this bowl is actually where the wood had started to rot.
Bring on the rotting wood!!!!

We did some shopping in the down town area.

This chandy caught my was breathtaking. 

And music is always a part of the scene in this little mountain town.
This talented guy was seated in an antique store playing Celtic music on the dulcimer.

We landed at Wood's Pharmacy for some frozen treats.

This place is always packed but we were lucky enough to find a couple of tables to have lunch one day and just an afternoon ice cream break another.  It's worth showing up here twice in one trip!!

If only for the Blue Moon Flavor.

There were camp fires...

and creek time.....

 It's such an alluring little spot to hang out

It's called Sylamore Creek and we can walk right down to its banks from our campsite.


Kenneth dug around and found some of these....

Crawfish..or mudbugs (as we call them here in the south.)

We let the little guy go free.  After all, one's not enough to have a broil.

We took some naps here.

and played spoons.

This guy here makes all the magic happen.
He works hard setting everything up.....and four days later, tearing it all back down.
He's patient when I want to add a chalkboard...
And a 50 gallon tote of linens...
and lights here.....and lights there......
Without him I'd miss out on all these adventures.
Thank you Mr. Magnificent :)

My dad passed away in December of last year.  I miss him so much.  I think about him every time I take his camper out and how he use to tease me about selling it for a profit.  I would threaten him with bodily harm if he sold that camper....
He makes this all possible too.  I could have a huge Montana with all the bells and whistles....
but I wouldn't trade this camper or these moments for anything.  He's helping me build memories with my family.

Until next time................make some memories with your family.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Birthday Girl

Today is my sweet friend's birthday.  I have to take a minute to brag about her on her birthday.  Lori is one of a kind. She and I are spontaneous sisters.  She calls, I come.  I call, she goes.  We are partners in crime.  She has a great big heart, cooks great lasagna and makes the best Panchos dip EVER.  She manages an office full of women and for me that makes her a super hero with a cape that gives her extraordinary powers.  We've rode together in a car for nine days straight.. across 7 states.  I think we are committed.  We've made it through some "tell it like it is times"  I think that qualifies us.  She's beautiful....on the inside too.  Don't hate on her.  I've often felt her hand on my back or reaching out to take mine in hers as I've knelt at the altar to pray.  I had surgery last year and she offered to use her vacation time to stay home with me the first few days.  Abnormal mammogram?  She's right there with me.    Potentially flooding house?  She cancels her plans and shows up to help....and brings her family too!!!  She's loyal people. They just don't make many like her.  I am so blessed to call her my friend and today on her birthday I want her to know that I love her with all my heart and am so glad that the Lord chose us to encourage, support, play and pray together.
Happy birthday beautiful lady....You are a gift to my world :)