Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Daddy's Hands

This is my daddy's hands.  They are "hard work" hands.  Hands that have caressed a rough piece of wood and crafted it into something beautiful.  Hands that have taken the materials of his trade and built a cabinet, remodeled a room, built a home.  Hands that have corrected me and consoled me. Hands that have directed me and defended me.  They are beautiful hands.  Olive toned..much like my own..and yet they are wiser and more experienced, all of which is earned with age and adversity.

My daddy's hands are special. 
 They hold they hands of our children...and dance.
And bring back memories of when we were young and I would work side by side in his shop
building things..
The smell of sawdust still evokes the best of times..when it was just me and my dad.
Sanding wood
Staining furniture
and making memories.
My daddy's hands embrace me and let me know that I am special to he is to me.
Right now my dad's hands are dressed in needles and tape..connected to IV poles
pouring antibiotics into his body.
He's had a rough 3 years.
Dialysis isn't an interesting way to spend 12 hours of your week
Or the extra few it takes to recover.
His body is raging with fever tonight
and he is in pain..
And so am I
but not physically.
His chest tube continues to drain fluid
delaying the procedure he needs...
and all he wants is to
make it home in time for
If you're the praying type...
I'd appreciate it.
And I'm sure he would.
He has plans to cook a ham and a turkey...
and have us all there with him.
And that's really what I want as well.


  1. What a lovely daughter. I will pray with you and for your and your family. I never knew my father. Thank you for sharing. Regena in TN.

  2. Sending prayers your sweet Daddy's way - God Bless him and send him a speedy recovery ........

  3. I am praying for your sweet Daddy and for you to be filled with God's comfort and peace during this time of suffering. May you fill the presence of our Wonderful Counselor and Mighty God! -- Marti

  4. I will pray for you & for your Daddy right now.

  5. Prayers sent for both you and your Dad.

  6. Will be praying, along with many, for your dad. What a blessing to have these beautiful photos of him looking so pleased and happy with you!

  7. I love this post and pray for all of you. May the new year find your father in better health.