Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Downton Abbey

I know I'm a bit behind...Who hasn't heard of Downton Abbey after all?  They are somewhere towards wrapping up the end of season three right?  Don't tell me.  I just finished season 2 and am ready to settle in with what happens next..after the war has ended.  What will become of Mary and Matthew?  Bates and Anna?  Will Edith ever marry?  I'm sure some of you already know these answers but don't spoil it for me okay?  I'm loving the suspense.  It's what has me watching multiple episodes a night.

This one cracks me up! Seriously,  I laugh out loud!
There are some scheming females in this house and the Dowager Countess reigns supreme.

And what of Mary?  Do I love her or do I hate her?  I haven't quite decided yet but she is growing on me.

This one however, I am convinced...she is evil.

If you are like me and have been hiding under under a rock somewhere and haven't heard of this masterpiece until recently, you MUST watch it. will become addicted. 
We sit with our tv trays in front of us, grazing on baked potatoes and salad, limeade and sweet tea and press play.....again and again until we insist this is the last episode of the night because alas, tomorrow we must work and escape the turn of the century and World War I and all that is happening in the lives of the Crawley's and Downton Abbey.