Monday, November 26, 2012

It was a sign!

I decided last week to head downtown and visit Abilities Unlimited.  My "go to" place lately has been our new GW store.  It was my lunch hour and I was looking for Christmas items.  I almost missed this jewel.  It was high upon a shelf at the very back.  My breathing increased when I saw it...I was sure it wasn't for sale..why else would it still be there?!!!!  I asked for some assistance and the store clerk found a ladder and got it down for me.  "How much?", I asked.  "Five dollars", he replied.  Can I just tell you that I was a very happy camper to pay 5 bucks for this sign...we seem to be on a $5 pattern around here! I've seen signs alot lately around blog land.  Stencils and waxing and so forth...My hat's off to you talented folks.  I'm glad this one was turn key though.  Now I just have to decide where to put it.  I also purchased a couple of door swags at a really good price and am currently working on those.  I'll post pictures of those later this week.  Right now they are undergoing a transformation.

On another note, I shot some pictures of my mom's tree and thought I would share it with you.

She's down sized her tree the last couple of years.  I brought her "huge" tree to my house two years ago. We haven't decorated it yet.  Blake wants us to wait until he is home.  I think she did a great job decorating for the holidays.
She put on quite the feast for all of us for Thanksgiving.  There were about twenty of us scattered through out the house.

She's a great cook.

AND  a Black Friday shopper.  We got in at 1:00 a.m. Friday night!  As I stood in line for 2 hours (keep in mind I am a person of little no patience) in the pouring rain, I turned to my mom and said "You know I love you right?" She just smiled and and huddled in closer to the stranger who was kind enough to share her umbrella with my mom and I....and her two daughters.  Sweet way to kick of the shopping season...but you can still call me CRAZY.  I won't be offended at all!

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