Friday, November 9, 2012

Forty Something Friday Nights

This is how we are spending our Friday night.  Filling in the bubbles. It's for a good cause and he did take me to eat mexican prior to this.  We have John Mellencamp's "Stones in my passway" and Don Henley's greatest hits playing in the back ground; that makes the whole process a little more entertaining.  Our church is signing people up for the Faith Bible Institute class and Ken is getting the paperwork prepared so this is a task that must be completed.  I kinda thought I was done with the whole SRA, fill in the bubble thing way back in the 80's.... but not so.
Maybe we should be playing Amazing Grace or The Old Rugged Cross while we do this.  I'm kinda feeling guilty about that.  Stones in my passway has this amazing blues sound though and I need the beat to keep up the pace...and the committment.  The Lord created music right?  I think he'd approve of Stones in my passway.  Yeah, I'm pretty confident he would....
It takes a few "#2" pencils to get this done.  We had to stop by DG to pick one of these sharpeners up.  I even threw in some honey buns in case things got really bad.
Mr. Magnificent is truly magnificent...I've already inquired why the students couldn't fill out their own bubbles.  It's not rocket science after all.  But he ignores me and keeps on shading.
I'm doing my part but every now and then I sneak a peek at Pinterest or some amazing blog post about how to clean silver...or make smore brownies.
And then this happened...............this is not good.  See... Mr. Magnificent can get a magnificent attitude if things get messed up.  He's a perfectionist and all and to make a long story shorter....I'm not.  He likes things "a certain way" and for me, let's just say things can be a little in an upheaval and I just roll with it.  Take our bedroom for instance.  He mentioned tonight that my clothes piled against the wall might be a fire hazard.  His side is immaculate where mine...............just isn't.  He likes his sheet tight at the end....I don't.  In the midst of our Friday night "bubbling" date I was cleaning old bottles with vinegar and my sleeve took a swim.  I look at it as proof I am working...multi-tasking.  Mr. Magnificent looks at it as a glitch in his process.  I didn't tell him.  I just slid it under the others and prayed silently for God to forgive me for the sin of omission.  It'll dry right?  After all, in the words of Mr. Magnificent himself.."I can only be magnificent for so long."  I'd like to keep the laughter we are exchanging over the task at hand to be the resounding theme as the curtain falls on our Friday night date.  Some things are just better left unsaid.  Or that's what I'm telling myself.

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