Thursday, November 15, 2012

Santa Claus

I need your help...I bought this Santa this week at my local GW for $2.  He really caught my eye because of his "Old World" appeal.  I actually walked out of the store the first time without him but went back the next day....maybe nobody likes him but me since he hadn't flown off the shelf. Oh well, I'm not scared to stand alone. Ha!  I collect Santas and this one was unique.  This is my dillema....  I don't know if I should paint him, leave him alone or attempt to Mercury glass finish him.  Any suggestions?


  1. He's beautiful.Leave him as is.

  2. He looks Mongolian to me, with his facial features, the shape of his facial hair, the bamboo walking stick and the ornamentation on his robes. I think I'd leave him as is so as not to lose his character. I have all kinds in my collection, all different materials and colors. He can be different and special! Hope that helps. Hugs, Leena