Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"If you've got friends like mine, raise your glasses. If you don't, raise your standards."

You ever need a friend?  Even when you didn't realize you needed her?  You know, you think you're handling this thing okay but suddenly she calls out of the blue to say she's coming over..because maybe she knew you needed her?  She may use an excuse like "I need to drop some books off you left in my car" but she walks in and settles down next to you and asks "Are you doing okay?"  She may talk about random things while she's there in addition to the real reason she came...but you know...that she knows...that maybe her being there would help...and it does.  Equally important is that as you reflect, you realize, she always shows up.  Usually she's the first one on the phone or at the door.  She's the one who volunteers to use her vacation time to be there for you.  She's the one who sits by you in the cinema and laughs at the most ridiculous movies that all have the same story line but end up being hilarious this time too. She's the one who listens when the whole world has pissed you off and forgives you when you say or do something that actually ends up pissing her off.  She's the one who can tell you you're being the "B" word and it's okay because SHE said it.  She's the one who colors your hair to save you $80 bucks.  She's the one who silently kneels at the altar beside you and pleads with the Lord on your behalf..without question.  She's the one who leaves text messages on your phone that say "I've been praying for you."  She's the one who brings chicken and dumplings when you're sick. She's the one who loves in word and deed.  SHE'S THE ONE....Yes, I would have to say if you asked me if the Lord is using someone in my life to encourage me...I would have to say.. She's the One.

A friend loves at all times
Proverbs 17:17


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