Saturday, July 23, 2011

DIY Bathroom Remodel at the Taylor House

Mr. Magnificent (II)

We started a new project this weekend.  "We" meaning Mr. and Mr. Magnificent. aka as Ken and Blake :)  I bring the vision and they bring the skills.  As my hubby so sweetly confirmed for me last weekend while we worked on the yard..Me- "I feel like I'm just standing around, watching you." Hubby-"But sweetheart you're so good at that..minus the smile :\  For some reason I found that hilarious and laughed all week as I recalled his statement and the look on his face as he said it.  I guess I could have been offended at that comment but let's just chalk it up to me being confident in his love for me.  Anyways..Blake has been sick this week but started feeling a bit better as the weekend drew close and proceeded to rip my bathroom out while I was at work.  My house is a complete mess with the debris scattered in every room but nevertheless I am happy.  IT"S GETTING DONE!  So here are a few peeks at the before and as we move along, I'll post some more.  This bathroom is fact we don't even use it.  The wallpaper is horrible and the floor has just always looked dirty no matter what you do to clean it.  But now there is no floor and that makes me delirious with happiness as I dream about the slate tile I want to put down and have picked out at Lowe's.  I decided to go with beadboard paneling.  I love the look of it. AND it means we don't have to rip out wall paper which is a NIGHTMARE!  Most beadboard bathrooms you see are white.  I'm not a white wall kinda girl but I haven't decided for sure on a paint color.  Right now we are just trying to get the trim and finish work done.  My guys are hard at work and it's a hot day so I'm brewing up some sweet tea.  That's my contribution at the moment.  I did sink nails earlier and fill the holes with putty and run tot he store to get more nails...that counts right? 

Slate Tile goes here (sigh)

No more cracked plaster....(happy dance)

Beadboard Ceilings by:

Mr. Magnificent

And this is where we are now..Looks better right?

Well except for the toliet in the bathtub

Stay tuned........

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