Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

 We just washed the last dish.  Everyone has slowly returned to their own nest.  The rush of the season has settled to a peaceful quiet and we are resting.  Enjoying the last few hours of being together as a family in the glow of the Christmas tree and the glimmer of candle light.

I requested to host at our house this year and I had a wonderful time getting everything ready for our family to arrive.  When our son was small we hosted Christmas at our home a lot but since he's grown up we enjoy Christmas dinner at my in-laws house and she is a fabulous cook!  It was a little daunting taking on the meal but I swallowed the lump in my throat and set about planning a menu.

My mom is such an awesome southern cook.  We had the privilege of sliding our feet under her table Christmas Eve.  Of course I turned to her for advice in attempting to replicate her dressing.  Epic fail people..Epic fail.  I'm kinda out of practice fixing dressing since it's been years but if you poured a lot of gravy over could get it down :)  All the food at my mom's was AMAZING! We had 12 hands pitching in to help clean everything up before we headed back home and my mom was so impressed how fast it all went.  I on the other hand thought the pile of dishes would never end today.  Six hands is a lot less than 12.  Thank goodness for my sister-in-law and my husband.  We finally found the end of it all.
Mac looked so handsome all dressed up in red.  He was pulling out all the tricks for his Christmas treats and to have a chance to fetch his new Christmas balls.
One of the reasons I asked to host this year was to help me stay focused on the season and not so much on the fact that this is our first year without my dad at Christmas.  He went on the ventilator last year on Christmas Day and went to be with the Lord three days later when he asked us to take it off.  It was important for me to incorporate some of his things in our décor to honor him and this red truck was perfect for that.
I also used his blue onion dishes at each place setting.  I know that would have made him happy.  He loved food so much and eating Christmas dinner off of his antique collected plates just seemed appropriate. 

We started off the festivities this morning with these. 

And quickly got focused on unwrapping all the beautiful gifts we were so abundantly blessed with.

There were smiling faces all around.  We are so fortunate to be surrounded by our families and blessed beyond what we deserve.  God is so good.

Of course the most important gift is found between the pages of this very special book.  You can read all about it in Luke Chapter 2. 

We've created so many wonderful memories.

Memories surrounded by our faith.

Good food.

And family.

Even those who are celebrating Christmas with Jesus this year.

Because we never know when memories are all we will have left.

Merry Christmas

The Taylors

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  1. Awwwww, so true, and so well written! Words to live by, you two are truly an inspiration! Love you, Christine