Monday, August 15, 2011

She tells the Truth on Herself!

“She Tells the Truth on Herself”

That little statement I ran across this morning while reading a book review jumped out at me like a flashing neon sign. “SHE TELLS THE TRUTH ON HERSELF” Wow, its easy to tell the truth on others isn’t it? But to tell the truth on ourselves? Hey, that’s a whole other story. We want to shed our selves in the best light possible. However, I have found that by telling the truth on ourselves that we become more approachable, more human, more transparent, more trustworthy, more genuine. We can come down from the clouds and sit among the commoners and find company there. Because the pedestal is a lonely place. It’s high above everyone else. There is no conversation, no connection, no growth, no grace. But it’s risky and it comes with a price. Telling the truth on ourselves means we run the risk of putting ourselves out there. It means that someone may actually realize that we don’t have it all together. That we do make mistakes. We don’t have the spotless house. (That’s only when I know you’re coming over!) That our laundry is not neatly folded and tucked away in the drawers but rather piled high so that getting to the washing machine is a marathon in itself. It means that we realize I actually said that about her and it wasn’t nice. It means admitting that our Beaver Clever appearing lifestyle is actually the Animal House and the saint I hoped you saw is really a struggling sinner, saved by grace. Telling the truth on ourselves means we admit we are flawed and some days maybe even broken. It means you may be the girl that everyone is talking about it and how imperfect you are…it may mean that… but it may also mean that you’re the girl someone can relate to. That they see hope in your imperfections and the fact that you realize they are there. It may mean that as they approach the pedestal they find us kneeling at the bottom in prayer to see Jesus high and lifted up and not ourselves.

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