Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Greatest Church on Earth

   Our Pastor (Jay)

Kenneth and I attend the greatest church on earth. It's located in the middle of no where Beech Grove.  Now you may think your church is the greatest..and that's all good.  I'd be dissapointed if you didn't.  But really, from the very first time we came to sit among these people and worship our Savior, it has felt like home.  The people there feel like family.  When I talk about my faith, sometimes people will ask, "What are you?" I'm not really sure what that question really means but I usually assume they are asking...Methodist? Lutheran, Catholic? Pentecostal? Baptist? My "go to" reply is "I'm christian."  Because seriously, does the rest really matter?  Some people would say it does..but you'd have to show me a scripture to support that.  I don't think we will be sectioned off in heaven with signs pointing to the different denominational areas.  I'm not hung up on doctrines and whether you should wear a dress to church or pants, make-up or none, hair in a bun or not, music in the church or not.  I just love Jesus.  I believe he is THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN.  I believe he was born of a virgin, died and rose again and is coming back to receive his bride (The Church).  Now, if you and I can agree on that, the rest is just frills. The reason I love my church is not because it's Baptist but rather the love I feel there and that could easily happen in any church when God's people are "being the church" and not just showing up at the church.  We have ordinary, every day characters that attend our church.
       Our pastor's wife (Kim)

Take Kim for instance.  You could ask Kim if she ever thought in a million years that she would be a pastor's wife and she would tell you NO!  That's the beauty of it though.  God uses the people we least expect...and sometimes that may even end up being us!

Sometimes our deacons wear cowboy hats (not in the sanctuary) but on an off duty kinda outing, it's ok.  Cool looking sunglasses are allowed too.

                     Sometimes we are just kinda laid back and chill.  You know, barefoot and all.

We love beautiful babies

And really cute kids
...and even if your kids aren't as cute as these..take heart, we would love them too :)
Lol..I'm teasing ya folks!
We celebrate great "come backs."  Those success stories that happen because of prayer.  Isn't Josh a handsome young man? We are incredibly proud of him!
Julie (Our pianist)
We also have the "finest piano player in the county.  Just ask Randy Joiner. He'll vouch for that.
And this is Randy. He's actually the reason we first attended Cornerstone.  We met him at this exact park several years ago when we first moved to this area.  Guess what?  He was standing beside our chairs with a VBS book in his hand and struck up a conversation with us.  He invited us to church the next day and the rest is history.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  We had prayed the night before for God to lead us to the church he wanted us to serve.  Instead, he led Randy to stand beside us in a park by the swimming area and hold a VBS book and invite us to come.  God is smart like that :)
Catherine and Tim
We have some great husband and wife teams that serve in our church too.  It makes my heart sing.  I know the Lord is proud when we as couples work and minister to make his name famous.
Lillie and Angie
We have a fabulous children's department and alot of people who work really hard to share Jesus with the kids.  Angie is one of those people. 
And then we have some very special young people.
and Austin falls in to that category.
I can't possibly add pictures of all the wonderful people we serve with in one post.  They are seared on my heart though.  They are people I pray with on Friday nights.  They are people who kneel beside me at the altar to pray for me.  They are people who visit me in the hospital after surgery or when my dad is sick.  They bring meals to my home.  They participate in bible study with me.  They listen when I call in the middle of the night.  They are young people who just stop by to see me and offer a hug and say they love me.  They are my church..they are my family.  And if you don't have a church family.......they could be yours as well :) Join us...we'd love to have you.


  1. Awesome post Mary Anne! I agree with every word and am so happy to attend Cornerstone along with great folks like you and Kenneth. You guys are such pillars to this church and there are so many more like you guys at our church.
    Happy member

    1. Thanks for all of your hard work with the youth! I've got to find an embarrassing picture of you and get it posted ;) We are just a small part of the big picture all praise goes to Jesus, he's the Famous One!

  2. Well, I THOUGHT we had the GREATEST church!! LOL!
    We go to Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, FL (near Tampa)
    Lori @

    1. We came to Anna Maria Island a few years ago..somewhere close to Tampa, if I recall correctly. Beautiful there. Maybe you have the greatest church in Florida? LOL! I hold the title for Arkansas. However, when the Lord calls us home Lori, we will be the SAME church. One body of believers.