Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Master Makeover

We finally completed the master makeover and the "great gray" dillema was finally conquered.  We went with Benjamin Moore Galveston Gray on the walls and one gallon did the trick.  Let me give you a run down on the rest. The stained glass light fixture cost me $9 at a consignment store downtown.  The duvet which is exquisite was $10 brand new in the package at a flea market here called The Big Top. The white table beside my bed was another $10 investment at a yard sale.  Lamps were $4 and $5 respectively.  One of the lamps was found at a yard sale for a dollar but needed to be rewired, which of course Ken can handle :) so with the shade it was a $5.  The framed art work above the bed is my photography of local culture, architecture or something that caught my eye on a trip we've taken.  I bought the silk gray coverlets at the end of my bed for $2 a piece (got two) at the same flea market I bought the duvet, at a different time.  The animal print scarf is a very nice upholsetry remnant that I cut to work on the table. Worth $2 don't ya think?  The pillows came from TJ Maxx and Sears.  $19 for all of them.  Dust ruffle was a $4 find on the clearance shelf at TJ Maxx.  The various accessiores were picked up at local flea markets or yard sales over the past several months and piled on the pool table waiting to be injected into the room.  When I get ready to do a room, I want everything collected prior, go in paint the room, and bring everything in at once.  Otherwise it feels incomplete to me.  But that's just how I roll, you may do it different and that works too.  I just buy what I like, stash it all away and somehow it all comes together in the end. We are pleased with the result ;)

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