Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From the Pages of my Prayer Journal

The House of God:  A building…..? The Church.....? A place to reconnect, to plug into, to find you Jesus, to encourage and be encouraged?  The church… a spiritual sanctuary no longer, but rather a place of spoil.  We are all in disconnect mode, as though there is nothing to plug into. Where are the days of spirit, of song, of touch?  When was the soft heart of vulnerability replaced with a stone tablet of spiritual stale mate?  What will it take to move us?  Praise pours from the mouth of your people while cursing dribbles out the other side.  Peace cannot be found…war is what we seek.  When will we return to you?  Is there hope Lord that our complacency will be replaced with complete devotion?  May we be so bold to beg an awakening?  Do you even dare to look upon us from your holy place or does it grieve you so?  From your throne room Lord, does the sound of our rebellion drown out the praise of your angelic host?  Can we but hope that your mercy does endure forever, for forever may be what we require?  Where may we find you, Abba?  If not in this building made by man, are we sure to look within this temple not fashioned by human hands, and if so will you even there be hidden from us, O Lord?  For you reside here Lord…within the human heart.  We are seeking you out, Ancient One.  Wake us Lord from our slumber.  Reign on us Lord.  Remember your creation.  Restore us to righteousness.  Selah.


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