Thursday, August 13, 2009

I have been putting this off and putting this off. Yard Sales are hard work and my mosquito bites are there to prove it! How does one person accumulate so much junk? Well, to be honest it's not hard for me. As I look through this mountain of madness I discover some treasures that I had forgotten I had and are hard to let go..and then there are some things that I wonder how they even ended up being boxed away to begin with?? We are pricing and organizing it all getting ready to send it home with someone else to take up space at their house! I'm sure as I scour the local fleas and make it to a few sales of my own, it won't take long to replace all that I have grown weary of with something new (or old). For now it feels good to clear out the clutter and add a little cash to the purse!

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